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Treatment Massage and Energy Healing


Each session is tailored to your specific needs 

Addressing your sore muscles, we can follow

many pathways along the journey

Together we will easily cross the bridge from where you are now

to what you will become!

 Call and Schedule Your Next

Massage Treatment Today


$140. for 1 hour treatment/relaxation massage & energy work

$200. for 1 and 1/2 hour treatment/relaxation massage & energy work

(GREAT DEAL: you save $10.00 per session)

$280. for 2 hour treatment/relaxation massage & energy work 

( An additional $40 cost for cancellations less than 4 hours before appointment )

$1 a minute  :   Special Events, Conventions, and Carnivals



Deep Tissue

Chakra Balancing (Master)

Reiki (Master)

Intuitive Touch  (Master)

Psychic Surgery (Master)

Myofascial Release  MFR I,II

Trigger Point

Chair massage
Long distance Reiki healing

Past life regression 

Profitic speech 



Energy Healing


Sending Energy

I can tap into the many levels of consciousness, search the pain body and any stories locked in your specific tissues, simultaneously considering the scientific knowledge of Kinesiology and Physiology to investigate the root cause of the symptom. Often trigger points and refering release knots in other parts of your body.


Clearing energy meridians

Energy Services

I provide Intuitive Touch, Energy Healing and Reiki sessions. I am available to do this in-person or through long-distance healings. Since energy knows no time or space boundaries, it is possible for me to provide healings from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Distance sessions are done over the phone and include full e-mail reports. Long distance healings must be provided with a tangible and physical address to focus on and/or a picture. I have an 80 percent accuracy in reading pictures for evidence, clues and answers.

Spirit Communication

During a session, a spirit often communicates through me and answers questions. If the information is right and just to share, I will. BUT, if spirit tells me not to share, I cannot. In the past, when I did share from Ego or tried to help or fix, the results were too damaging!




Bundle Packages- 5 massages for the price of 4:

If a person buys a bundle of 4 massages at once I offer 1 free during a year’s time.


Special offer opportunity on the back of every business card: “Signing and dating the back of your REVELATION-Massage & Energy Healing business card. When they bring this card in they get 25% off their next session and you get 10% off your session (this discount is valid for up to one year after it is signed and dated).


A sliding rate scale is available for those who qualify.


Payment Plans are available upon request.


Bartering is accepted.


Home visits 

Available by appointment only.

(An additional $25 fee is charged for traveling to your homes.) 

Gift Certificates

  • Christmas gift
  • Birthday present
  • Tax return reward
  • Helpful kindness to your loved ones

Get yours today!!


Workshops and Classes

The Sacred Arts of Chakra Balancing and Clearing Meridians

Students are challenged at their levels of study. In the classes, you will first learn how to care for yourself, learning how to use one’s own energy and understand all there is to know from a 2,000 year old energy base system. Healing your wounded healer and facing one’s shadow allows you to work on others with humility and strength. In this class, you will gain the skills of grounding, centering, shielding yourself through your connection with the earth and Prana. After you are familiar with your own healing process and are prepared to work with your shadow, you can move onward to share life affirming and empowering gifts to those in need. These practices offer you easy-to-learn sequential steps and techniques that support health and facilitate the healing process, awakening people to their highest potential.

Work Shops, Long Distance Healing, Skype Sessions, Massage and Energy Work

Section 1

A basic understanding of chakras, auroras and their physical, emotional and spiritual impacts

Section 2

Creating personal protective symbols through guided meditation. Centering, shielding and grounding in preparation for energy work

Section 5

A continuation of interpersonal disciplines with intuitive healing through chakra balancing and psychic surgery

Choose your spot on bi-monthly Fridays
                                  12-hour availability: 8 am - 8 pm:
1818 East Mercer
Seattle WA 98112
Suite 102

November 3RD and 17th 
December 1st and 15th 
January 12th and 26th  
A discreet location is available if you are a returning client. The location will be texted to you upon your set appointment.

Yes, the wait is well worth it!   This unique experience is something you have never experienced before.  I have clients longer than 9-years time, who transform their body and mind integrations.   

        Moble-Massage house calls and Long-Distance energy work is       
        available to those who qualify.  
If you are interested in getting 
your specialized Massage or other services
Please call to set up an  appointment : 
(206) 635-5354
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