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Work Philosophy

I have been providing holistic healing therapies since 1993. I offer people transformative and insightful massages using the science of anatomy with the perception of heart consciousness.

Each session is uniquely designed to bring you more flexibility, decreased pain, increased range of motion, joy and an open spaciousness in your muscles or relaxation by addressing your specific needs by synthesizing deep tissue treatments with profound energy-work. Your sessions are a sacred and neutral space where you will feel trust and compassion bring about transformation and healing. Using your breathe with my unique healing process many cleints feel a renewed sense of ease, flow, and expression in their body that they have not felt in a very long time.

Due to my physical size of 6 feet 4 inches tall, I can give a deeper than normal pressure to those who need it while providing relaxing and gentle massages to those ask of it. It is nothing like you have ever experienced. The energy work can be light and gentle like Reiki, but often it goes very deep into your conscious/subconscious held patterns of your body and relieves or unlocks issues that conventional massages can't address.


Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

Massage License # MA60212172


The best way to learn about customer satisfaction is to hear it straight from the source.

"I have benefited greatly from Christopher Canty's healing treatments over the last two years. For me receiving massage from Chris is an experience of a blended approach. He skillfully integrates the disciplines of massage and energy work as he frees up congestion, releases muscle tension, and opens energy channels to allow increased vitalization. The result is deep extensive release."

Cheryl Allison, Licensed Massage Therapist

 "For many years now, Christopher Canty has devoted himself to the intuitive healing of healing of people as well as animals. He fully immerses himself in creating well-being for others by sensing the source of discomfort and working to alleviate blockages. He has been a great help to me as a dancer and I highly recommend his work."

Helene Eriksen, 22 years as a Dance Ethnologist

"I received a wonderful, relaxing massage from Chris Canty. He works deep, but his sensitive hands never went beyond my tolerance."

Jill Patten, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Christopher uses the vision in his hands to unearth the stories woven into your body. This, and his thorough massage, he offers to you for your healing and your delight."

CW, 17 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist

"Chris delved deep into resolving a lower lumbar ligament injury for me. I asked for deep and got it, including hips, buttocks and back. I cycle everywhere and physical problems can build up if they are not dealt with. Chris is strong and willing to put his considerable energy into full body work. After a couple of days, I was out walking with a friend and I felt a different posture entirely, like I had grown a half inch.”

JB, Transportation Cyclist

"I love my bodywork from Christopher. He always seems to be able to read what my muscles needs - whether it's light stroking or deep work. And such a sweet spirit to go with those talented hands!"

Laura, Landscape Gardener

Professional Resume


Provided chakra healings

Seattle Unity Church

Seattle, Washington


Founded Intuitive Touch

Seattle, Washington

2005 - 2006

Taught at The Evergreen

State College

Bridging Eastern and Western Energy Modalities

Olympia, Washington


Passed Massage State

Board Examinations

Seattle, Washington

2011 - 2012

Employed at New Seattle Massage

Seattle, Washington


Self-employed: REVELATION-Massage and Energy Healing

Seattle, Washington

Offering Transformative Energy Healing in India-2007

“Seven hours of nonstop airplanes in India from train traveling from Amma's ashram in Kerala to Bombay in March 2007; seemed to zap of all my strength. When I finally got to my backpackers, overnight accommodations I still could not sleep.

The ocean breeze lofted the smell of saltwater and kelp in the muggy air. Each footstep in the street reminded me how grateful I was to not be lugging around a backpack, simultaneously the ache in my hips and lower back felt was painfully apparent. Cracking off the lid to a cold, 32 oz. mountain spring water, I noticed the oddest thing. Across the street I saw a beggar wearing only cloth around his waist, a stained t-shirt, striking a glass bottle with a nail. The loud sharp noise echoed though me like a painful knife. It got closer and closer. And still I was curious, I watched him instead of walking away. Frankly, the long awaited drink of water was enough. The beggar had been called over to a chat with another person- a strong professional Indian man in his mid-30s, about 30 feet from me. After a short conversation, the two began an ayurvedic massage. Just like that. The massage must have been really good because after the professional had oil poured over his head from the glass bottle it was deeply rubbed all over his upper body His shoulders dropped down and he let a loud sigh of relief with his head slumped to one side.

Crumpled over feeling my own exhaustion, I watched in awe from these two men engage in a soft and revitalizing massage. Envious to see all the tension flow away from this peculiar dance into the late night (around 11:30 p.m.).

“The deeper they got into it, the louder my head screamed, ‘OH? If only I, too, could be treated so well?’ So, I built up the courage and said to the two men, ‘What would it take to get the same treatment - how much would I have to pay to get the same done to me?’ The newly greased up man said to me, ‘Come sit over here; whatever you want.... You can have whatever you want to have.’ He spoke with certainty and authority; which of course, I had to listen. It didn't take long for the massaging beggar to start touching me! ‘Do you want oil in your hair,’ he asked, ‘Sure, why not I responded.’ Warm, thick fluid dripped over my crown. His soothing fingers ran through my hair. I found a taste of heaven; at last. Closing my eyes, I let him wick the stresses in my neck and shoulders. Amazed by this man's amazing pressure and compassionate hands that seemingly knew where every knot was and how to unwind each one.

“Afterwards, the man who offered me this very generous gift had asked me what brought me to this city and what I do. Being polite, I gave him my business card and I asked if I could show him instead of telling him about it. ‘Most people are surprised with the transformative outcome from my work I told him.’ He had strong laborers’ shoulders and even after his amazing massage his muscles were still very tight; barely letting me in. After I asked if I could do some energy work, he said he would try it out. I sensed large judgmental daggers holding his connective tissue in place. The stress from supporting his family weighed on his shoulders. Once these emotional blocks were released he had more range of motion, but now it was time for his own body wisdom to bring him into full harmonious balance. Offering Reiki to him, his body relaxed and felt much more malleable. He was ready to let go of the stories woven into his body and empower himself with ease and calm. Surprised from the energy work, he was stunned amazed from his healing.

“When we were done, he yelled over his shoulder in his native tongue and out from the shadows of this large apartment complex stood a young 10-year-old boy. Hesitantly, he strolled over to us. Thy young boy was shouted to hurry, handed my business card and he was made to do something. The boy tried putting the card to the side and slipping away, but his father told him, "Do it, right now!" You could tell he was upset by his tone of voice, so his son quickly responded with haste.

“Ten minutes later, an old, frail woman in her 90s came very slowly, creeping out the darkened hallway and sat next to me. The man receiving the treatment said, ‘Can you help my mother as you have helped me?’ She looked frail and weak. Being kind and gentle with her, I offered her a tender and compassionate approach. Neither one of us could speak the others’ language, but some things need no voice. I empathically scan her body trying to source what might be her problem. I could see pictures in my mind of darkened reds and yellows like stuck threads of infection broken and crooked bands of tissue and energy all leading proximal from her flexors leading to her heart. These images were more than just metaphors it was like having x-ray vision. I saw past her skin and into her full energy-matrix. It appeared that her arm wasn't the issue; it was a clogged artery!

“After making this assessment privately to myself, I tried to remove the blocked energy from the area with little success, in the hopes of easing some of her pain. She could not speak any English, but looked into my eyes with a tenderness and wisdom that I can never forget. She looked onward, as if to mention, please keep going. Watching for her nonverbal cues, I lifted her arm and did what I could to take the toxicity out of the painful and venomous threads attached to her chest wall. I tried to do some more psychic energy work, but nothing was working. So, while giving her Reiki to the area, I started praying for her.

“In my semi-trance-like state of consciousness I could hear her mumble something to her son. He told her in English, `Mum, he is praying for you. It is ok. Let him do that?!’ After I got done praying for her, he repeatedly asked me, `What is it?’ I remarked by saying that it isn't my place to diagnose her issues. I am afraid to misdirect you when others know much more than I do. What is important here is that the right answers to her questions are walking into your life and that her health is right around the corner. I shared my visions and told them of the peaceful prayer work I did and why. That’s because I was able to stich her energy meridians back into a better alignment where her body's energy quickened (this allows the body to heal itself faster and produces a quickening in the overall healing process) and that there shouldn't be any complications from her health after she receives the proper care she needs from an allopathic doctor.

“His mother smiled in such great approval, her eyes began to widen - from his translations.... Then I asked, ‘When do you plan on visiting a western doctor? He said, ‘Tomorrow morning. What kind of doctor or treatment should she have when she sees him?’ he asked me. She was curiously waiting for my reply, too. Again, it is better they tell you what is best, the good thing here is that two healers saw the same thing in her and that she is going to get the expert care she needs for her medical condition.

With that whole experience behind me now, maybe this story can help you better understand what is possible when we do what we are called to share with the world. Everything happens in its own right time.” - Namaste


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Licensed Massage Therapist

& Reiki Master

Massage License # MA60212172


Auto Biography

Story of Christopher Canty and how I came to have my abilities . . . Near Death, Channeling, Prayer, Christianity:Story coming soon. If interested please ask for the time being. 

Frequently Asked Questions

First appointment: How long will it take?

Ideally, you should allow for two hours for your initial massage. There will be a health intake form and some questions for you to fill out before your massage. Your first massage will last 90 minutes for the same price as 60 minutes unless you specify otherwise.

Energy-work is too light and I enjoy deeper work - Will it be light and gentle?

Intuitive touch is not light. It can be very strong and a little intimidating. If this is true we can stop the process and choose something else from my tool belt of healing modalities. Your willingness to breathe into your tissues allows for more direct allowing of energy to flow and puts you in control of your healing.

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